Orks have been on Bromhead since the first humans arrived on the planet. Many attempts to eradicate them have all failed. On occasion their numbers have been so diminished that they have been thought to have been destroyed. Only to re-emerge as a viable threat once again. 

Imperial scholars have often wondered at the resilience of the orks on Bromhead and the relationship between them and the north eastern territories of the wilds. For it seems that there is something about this area that fosters the green skins as it always here they appear and where they are strongest. Investigations by xenosticians are yet to find an answer to these questions but any body who has stepped foot in the wilds knows it to be ork lands and any human presence there will be temporary.

The population of orks in the wilds is currently estimated to be high although accurate numbers are difficult to come by. Power changes hands often and warbosses rise in power only to killed or defeated. Many tribes exist, representing all the major clans in some extent. There are a number of permanent ork settlements and towns but many orks still lead a nomadic lifestyle going wherever the fighting and looting is best.

Contact between the humans and orks is inevitable. The green skins live to fight and will raid into human territory to claim land, slaves, loot or just for the thrill of the fight. But the humans also encroach on to what is considered ork territory. They seem to have a incessant desire to expand their domain and a deep greed for the potential mineral wealth in the wilds. There also sites of cultural and religious significance north of the Marshal river (which designates the beginning of the wilds) and various factions of the human race will try to defend and control these, giving the orks a constant supply of enemies to fight.

Giving some stability to the orks is the current self appointed warlord of the wilds, Skardreg. A hulking monster even by ork standards, he rules through violence and terror. But there is more to this tyrant than raw aggression. He has learned from watching his predecessors and has surrounded himself with able lieutenants. He tempers his ambitions and those of his rivals, knowing that to push outwards too far will only bring the full force of the imperium of man against his kingdom. If any other warboss begins to get too aggressive and raid too far south Skardreg will see to it that they are brought to heel. Although he possesses enough influence and power to put together a mighty force of orks who could well sweep south and control the whole continent, he knows full well that any gains would be short lived and he would, at best, end up like his old second in command, Killchoppa.

Skardreg runs his empire from the old imperial seaport of Hallenberg. Now renamed Morkadishu, this sprawling slum has been in ork hands for generations. Old imperial grandeur is side by side with utilitarian and simplistic ork architecture and slums. Non existent sanitation and crude manufacturing facilities leave the area thick with pollution and filth. The port is operational, heavily defended with Forts and mined waterways. Huge cranes swing cargo wildly around and slave work crews are beaten into some semblance of order as ships are loaded and unloaded. Cargo dumped into vast railed transporters to be delivered around the city.

The port feeds the ork slave mines in the shifting lands, where thousands of hapless creatures, once citizens of the imperium, toil for their cruel masters. These allow the orks to exploit bromheads considerable resources and fuel their destructive society. Slavers travel from all over the north and from off world to trade slaves for the orks. The city itself is bustling and cramped. Hundreds of thousands of green skins living on top of one another. Only the warlords household troops keeping any semblance of order. It's not only orks and their kin that frequent the city. Human adventurers, slavers from all races and all manner of mutants and miscreants are welcomed in Morkadishu.

Ork society on Bromhead is self sufficient, and if they do lack anything they just go and take it from their nearest neighbour. In Morkadishu bigmeks build huge workshops and gather bitz to constantly try to out do their rivals. Building bigger and more elaborate war machines. Side by side with this are residential areas, food processing plants and munitions factories. Even squig breading is done and all these wares are sold at markets all over the city.

Violence is never far away in Morkadishu. Each house hold maintains a "drops" for settling disputes and entertaining the boyz. The warlords personal drops is suitably impressive, resembling a giant amphitheatre where huge fights are staged watched by thousands of orks. It's not uncommon to see an alien fighter in the arena but the highlight is when the warlord himself asserts his authority over a rival, much to delight of the gathered masses. Often a rising warboss will be whisked away by eldar pirates to fight in commaragh just as he began to pose a threat to skardregs power base, leading many to suspect that some kind of pact exists between the warlord and the sinister eldar of that city.

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