Something wicked this way comes...

Does the twisted power of the warp attract corruption or create it? Perhaps it is something of both for the might of the empyrean is something few mortals can comprehend. Some planets are blighted by proximity to unstable regions of space, with warp storms causing them havoc. Others feel the touch of the warp through the actions of individuals, those that seek power or forbidden knowledge and form dark covenants with the corrupt powers that allows their influence to manifest. A few have a darkness at their core, something intangible that stains them from within...

To the human population the extent of the darkness present on Bromhead is unknown. The Taint has been off limits for enough time that to most citizens it is a place akin to folk tale nightmares; no real knowledge of it persists in wider society but there's plenty of superstition.

500 years have passed since the strange phenomena that caused the area to be quarantined occurred, by far enough time for knowledge and details from that time to have been forgotten, embellished or otherwise rendered the stuff of legends and nightmares. 

But the fact remains; there is something very wrong deep within that part of Bromhead, something that has a malevolent power and malign influence.

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