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Bromhead 40k is the narrative structure underpinning our games of Warhammer 40k. Bromhead is our mad little world, where the armies we like do their best to annihilate each other. It's a work in progress, all the good things are.


When you like the narrative of the Warhammer 40k game and want to create fluff that enhances your games, you start with building an army you like and crafting the story to go with it. If you take it far enough you end up spending a lot of time making a blog. Yeah that happened.


James and Andy hail from Manchester, with our local shop Element Games providing much of the plastic crack that we make war with. We also use bits suppliers such as BitzBox and Bits and Kits to customise models. When you remember how hard converting the old metal miniatures was, modern plastic kits are a breeze!

Two collectors/players who got into it in the late 1980's and are now late 30's decided that rather than building army lists that satisfied online power lists and were deemed tournament worthy, they'd collect models they liked and would enjoy painting and gaming with.

We remember the Rogue Trader years, and have watched the miniatures develop and the Grimdark evolve over the last *cough* 25 years. God that makes us feel old.


We decided to set the timeline of the "present day" on Bromhead back a couple of centuries from where the fluff in the core rules and codices finishes. Although the end of the 41st Millenium is a time of great flux, we wanted to stage our story earlier on to give us more latitude with things.

Old's cool

We got started way back in the distant past when 40k was all new and shiny. When a squad of marines would play more like the fluff and be a rare sight but hard as nails. When there were Squats, vehicles made from shampoo bottles and imagination ruled the roost. We still have the Rogue Trader and Compendium books and old codices, plus our rose-tinted hindsight to fall back on. 

The MIGHTY Rogue Trader book & Compendium

Original Eldar

Fear the Pterra Squirrel!

The original Genestealer, not linked to Tyrannids

Slann, transferred from WFB to 40k

Who doesn't love space dwarves???

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