Forces of the Eldar

For the other races that inhabit Bromhead, there is little distinction between the various factions of Eldar; the majority of the planet's population will never encounter one of the race, but to the ones that do distinctions matter little as they're swift fury few survive

Unknown to the planet's humans and Orks, there has been an Eldar presence on Bromhead for some time, albeit initially an intermittent one. Orks have no need for the long history of a planet and those of the Imperium only care for the one they created. To the certain Eldar however, Bromhead is a planet on a list of worlds to be monitored, for it once nestled at the heart of an empire, enemy to the Eldar race and a threat to the whole galaxy. 

In seeking to destroy that threat, the beings that slumbered deep beneath the planet's surface, the ancient Eldar employed a devastating weapon that sundered the continents and left deep scars on the planet. Necessary as this act may have been, the cruel irony of it is only recently manifesting, for the cataclysmic damage opened a rift into the warp that although temporary, has infected the planet and made further incursions by denizens of the otherrealm more possible. 

This fate has made keeping the world that would become Bromhead under surveillance a matter of grave importance. Eldar on the Path of the Outcast have visited its surface, seeing Orks arrive and at times keeping both them and the emerging abhumans in check. With the coming of mankind, the twin risks of the dormant original inhabitants of the planet rising to reclaim their empire and the weak minds of men welcoming creatures of Chaos into the material realm have been enough to intensify the gaze of the watching Eldar.

These watchers belong to the Masque of the Relentless Vigil, Harlequins dedicated to defeating the duel threats to their race; the forces of Chaos and the awakening of the Necrons. With many more immediate threats being faced by the Eldar of the Craftworlds, the Relentless Storm have guided others to assist in the sentry duty. Rangers acting as the far-reaching senses of Corsair band Ryven's Reavers monitor activity and can call for action by the rest of their number when deemed necessary.

There are other, darker allies to whom the Harlequins turn. 

Both the Relentless Vigil and Ryven's Reavers are visitors to the streets of Commorragh. Whilst caring little, if at all for the affairs of realspace, Dark Eldar love to prey upon its inhabitants for many reasons, probably best known only to themselves. Sometimes through guile, sometimes openly, Harlequins have steered the deadly abilities of their Dark City dwelling relatives to the targets they need eliminating. 

Bargains have been struck, favours called in. Bromhead has been placed very firmly on the agenda of several groups who themselves are feared across the galaxy...

The Kabal of the Tormented Sky

The Dark City of Commorragh fosters no weaklings...

Each Dark Eldar kabal is a potent military organisation in its own right, regardless of size and status within the ruthless power structure of Commorragh.The undisputed masters of the Dark City are Asdrubael Vect's own Kabal of the Black Heart, with warriors numbering in the millions it is capable of waging war across a whole system if that is what the Supreme Overlord desires. Other mighty kabals such as the Obsidian Rose, Poisoned Tongue and Flayed Skull are fearsome institutions that are quite capable of laying waste to swathes of realspace.

For every kabal that has a spire in High Commorragh, there are countless others fighting their own war for survival down below. Although a kabal itself may endure, the near-constant state of conflict the struggle for survival and advancement within Commorragh creates means the lasser kabals are more keenly aware of their own vulnerability than their larger peers.

It is within these perilous lower tiers of the kabalite system that the Tormented Sky exist; following their Archon Illya Rathian on his merciless fight against the lesser races. 

A Sky Full of Knives

The Tormented Sky mount realspace raids with furious regularity. Kabalites are constantly embarking upon or returning from such missions meaning the flow of slaves into the Torre Oscura is constant. 

Rathian leads many raids personally; he despises those Archons he calls "Dry blades" who do not risk themselves in the thrill of the hunt. Even for a Commorrite, Rathian is particularly driven to prey on the galaxy's other races. Surrounded by his Trueborn elite, he goes about his murderous missions with purpose.

Amongst those who've heard tales of the Tormented Sky, Rathian is a figure of intrigue. A Trueborn who acts like a half-born survivor of the streets of Null City. His drive and disdain for those who affect high status are well known. Not for Rathian the sneer of a Trueborn... he sees his fellows simply as those that can act decisively and those that watch whilst others do the dirty work...

The Cult of the Blade's Caress

From the sands of the arena to the ground of the worlds they visit, the lethal abilities of the Cult of the Blade's Caress are rightly known. 

The Masters of Metamorphosis

A coven of Haemonculi that takes great pride in creating spectacles of flesh crafting, the masters delight in unleashing Grotesques upon the military forces of lesser races and watching the damage they inflict whilst faithful Wracks collect further specimins for their dark experiments.

Ryven's Reavers

There is often little to distinguish Eldar Corsairs from Dark Eldar. Each revel in the destruction of their enemies, often mercilessly prosecuted. Lord Ryven left the Path many cycles ago and forged a new one in the stars. Driven by a seemingly unquenchable desire to punish those who threaten his race, be it directly or unknowingly, Ryven is equally swift to attack.

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