Almost Human

A Brief History of the Abhuman Groups on Bromhead

Ogryns (Homo Sapiens Gigantus)
The Ogryn was first brought to Bromhead with the original settlement and exploration fleet as a heavy labourer and has been enlisted in the military in the accordance with imperial doctrine. There are many Ogryns in civilian life in Bromhead, commonly found in factories and foundries although the further north you travel the more varied their roles become. Warner's Junction is known for employing Ogryn enforcer groups to make sure the rowdiest of visitors don't overstay their welcome.  

The job of recruiting these gigantic creatures into the military is given to the most unfortunate of recruiting sergeants. It is a job that carries huge risks, many have been injured and a few killed whilst trying to sign up often very belligerent Ogryns who've never been indoctrinated into the Imperial cult. Due to this, it is usually the very young and juvenile Ogryns that are pressganged (as much as it's possible to pressgang an Ogryn) into the PDF and is given menial tasks and much praise until he is fully indoctrinated and can be trusted to take to the battlefield and fight for the glory of the God Emperor. 

Because of the wild nature of northern Bromhead there are bands of mercenary Ogryns unchecked by imperial sanction. These unsanctioned abhumans will often be manipulated or paid to fight for most any army. Many a rebellion or heretic group have had Ogryns in their ranks. Anyone planning any civil unrest knows only to well the impact one of these brutes can have. 

Ratlings (Homo Sapiens Minimus)
Ratlings are scarce on Bromhead. They have been known to fight alongside various Imperial Guard units for certain actions but always in limited numbers and for brief secondments. Squads are sent, on occasion, to Bromhead to do active duty training for specific campaigns. 

Ratlings in civilian life are rarer still. Many of the northern citizens would look upon such diminutive types as merely prey or at best a decoy. The only role the have excelled in is catering for larger prospecting groups where they are provided a modicum of security in return for their culinary expertise. 

Squats (Homo Sapiens Rotundus)
Although a race nearly wiped out by Tyrannids, the Squats are a hardy breed and there are  a few, small, households on Bromhead. They seem naturally drawn by its frontier nature and the mining opportunities appeal directly to this particular group and they are very well suited to eking out an existence on this harsh planet. Though they are comfortable on Bromhead, none have a permanent base on the planet. They come on licence to mine and prospect, often backed by the Mechanium.    

One household, the Karaz-Dunn, have a seat on the council of Bromhead, on the Island. They have no standing military presence, but operate a militia system where each squat is armed and ready to defend their territory. These small but effective militia groups will often assist Imperial troops when their interests overlap. 

It is rare to visit a prospecting camp and not meet some of these hardy types. They range in nature from good tempered and jovial to down right belligerent. Alcohol often plays a vital part in this regard as does success. They hold a grudge like no other group and have outstanding memories. Repayment of debts is also very important and many Squats are oath sworn to settlements who have saved them in some way or another. Gambling with a Squat is considered an especially perilous pastime. 

Beastmen (Homo Sapiens Variatus)
The abhumans known as Beastmen are the only abhuman variant established on Bromhead prior to settlement by the Imperium. The Beastmen encountered by the first humans regarded the newcomers as warriors from the sky, sent to deliver them from the threat posed by the Orks in the east. Enthusiastically they rallied to the cause of waging war on the greenskins and with guidance from expedition forces, were soon a brutally effective attack force. 

Many humans remained suspicious of the Beastmen, who worshiped the emperor in a feral way, giving votive offerings and sacrifices as they would one of their own gods of the natural order. They were wild and fearless fighters however, and the only things (save Ogryns) who could fight an Ork in close combat.  Elsewhere in the Imperium similar groups of Beastmen had, like the other abhuman variants, been absorbed into the regular fighting forces of the Imperial Guard. Thus it was on Bromhead, with Beastmen vying to be selected to go offworld and serve the God Emperor. 

Imperial policy evolved however and those with an abiding suspicion of the true nature of Beastmen gained increasing influence as to how they were to be managed, recruited and utilised. Gradually, the raising of regiments and their inclusion as acceptable forces for meeting the Imperial tithe was frowned upon and phased out. The implications for Bromhead were immense as the increasing instances of strange and deeply unpleasant phenomena originating in the far north west were reason enough to regulate more closely the Beastmen. 

In the early 200's of M41, Beastment were sent deep into what had become known as The Taint, ostensibly to destroy the threats there but in reality to drive them far away from old grounds and allow them to be corralled and contained in a place where their fate mattered little. 

Since this "betrayal" the surviving Beastmen have regressed into the feral society they originally were. Language skills have decreased and instability in their genes has increased. They worship new gods at great herd stones and harbour a great resentment of the humans who betrayed their ancestors and the God Emperor who turned his back upon them. 

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