Bromhead's Finest

The forces of humanity that inhabit Bromhead are a hardy bunch.

Living on a far-flung frontier world where the might of the Imperium can sometimes feel very distant indeed has imbued the population with a natural stoic outlook and steely determination. 

Survival throughout the Imperium depends on a strong military, regardless of whether the threats are on or off world in origin. Bromhead has several military bases, each charged with a particular aspect of ensuring the safety of the population. 

Fort Chard

The headquarters of the Planetary Defence Force, Fort Chard is the largest complex by far with barracks, armouries and defences capable of withstanding orbital bombardment. It serves as the training facility for recruits destined for service elsewhere on planet or amongst the stars in regiments raised to meet Terra's Due. 

The Citadel

Situated on The Island, it is fitting that the elite forces of Bromhead closely guard the planet's elite citizens. The Home Guard (known amongst the other regiments as "The Islanders") take the best recruits and polish them until they're a formidable fighting force. Although most commonly seen in ceremonial uniform performing such duties as escorting dignitaries on trips to the mainland and parading, the Home Guard are far from being toy soldiers. Selection is tough and should the situation arise, they're more than capable of meeting the gravest of threats. 

A famous example is the defeat of a massive Ork landing on the Island, something that caught everyone (including the Orks it must be admitted) by surprise. Alarms sounding with reports that hordes of greenskins were wading ashore guns blazing were met with swift action from The Citadel. Valkyries raced squads of troops to positions in front of the Orks attempting a beach head, with the aircraft's rocket pods and heavy bolters raking the sand with punishing volleys. Heavy weapons teams were quickly dug in and pouring merciless fire down onto the onrushing horde, whist a daring flanking manouvre was undertaken by squadrons of Chimeras, amphibious themselves of course, engaging Ork assault boats from the sides and rear, preventing them from landing their cargo safely.

Although the losses to the Home Guard were significant, the Orks sustained nearly total casualties. Bodies and wreckage washed up on beaches around the Island for weeks afterwards, a reminder that nowhere is immune to danger.

Xenos Supression Task Force

Better known by the shortened "Task Force X-ray" these are some of the best forces on Bromhead and an assignment many a young officer cadet wants. 

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