Welcome to Bromhead

In the grim darkness of the future, there is only war...

It is late in the 41st Millenium; humanity stands beseiged on all sides; the threat from the forces of chaos grows ever greater, the tide of xenos races encroaching on the Imperium of Man seemingly cannot be stemmed. The great devourer lurks in the blackness of space, always hungry, whilst an as yet unnamed power is awakening from eons of slumber.
Across the galaxy, the forces of mankind turn to meet the menace head on. Chapters of marines prepare battle hymnals and march to war, whilst countless millions of Imperial Army divisions stand firm to face whatever comes. Cadia, Armageddon, these planets are well known and their worth undisputed. But other systems, other planets, some too small or remote to be known by the many, face the darkness with as much to lose as their more well known sisters. 

The planet Bromhead, classification 120611 in the Adeptus Administratum files, lies in the Lauriger System in the Segmentum Obscurus. First settled in M40 by an exploration fleet seeking resources to feed the ever greedy Imperium, its population is small but stoic. A mere speck when measured against the vastness of the galaxy, Bromhead still contributes its share towards the greater whole. Whether it’s raising regiments to fight in the Emperor’s name many light years from home, or sending men to fight for the security of Bromhead itself, each task, each challenge, is met with the same determination.

We are men of Bromhead. We do not falter, we will not fail.

This motto is engraved on the entrance to the great hall in Fort Chard, Bromhead’s Planetary Defence Force headquarters. It is whispered by the warriors who pass through it as they march into battle.

It is an oath they would do well to uphold, for the threats to humanity are much closer to home than many realise...

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